Jim Guinan's Last Night in Garrison (For Now)

On Thursday, Jim Guinan flew to Florida with his youngest son Jimmy where he'll be living with his youngest daughter Christine and her husband, Mike, and hopefully getting on the golf greens soon.

Wednesday night, a group of us gathered for one last round with him in his home of nearly 50 years. Christine Ashburn and Mary Ellen Yannitelli led everyone singing "Will You Go Lassie, Go." We've been saying goodbye over and over since the store closed. But this really was last call for the parishioners--at least at this chapel under Jim Guinan's rule.

Pictured front row, left to right: Lisa Light, Todd Nielsen, Jim Guinan, Lisa Bernhard, Dean Bradshaw.
Back row, left to right: Wendy Bounds, Kelly Guinan, Mary Ellen Yannitelli, Chris Robinson, LiLach Shani & David Lant. (Image courtesy of Christine Ashburn.)

The good news: Jim called his other daughter Margaret to report he's happy, doesn't miss the snow, and is waking up to tea and sun. We'll see him on his next visit home.

You can hear Tommy Makem singing "Go, Lassie, Go" in this YouTube video. He's better than we were, though we had a lot of heart.


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