Art Show Preview: Russ Cusick

Russ Cusick -- "the tile guy" -- has visually captured a wide gamut of moments at Guinan's in recent months, many of which he's given away to the regulars or sold with a portion of proceeds going to Guinan's.

He has helped lead the organization of the upcoming Guinan's Art & Photography show where he will exhibit and sell some of his work. Again, 50% or more of proceeds from the show will go to the Guinan family and Team Guinan's 2008 ride.

"I took this Photo (series of photos) on Feb 4th, '08..........because I love Guinan's (and the Guinan Family,) I also love the Hudson River and the two are a combination that I've never as a photographer been able to resist. On this particular morning....I was was both sad and pissed-off that I couldn't walk into the store and see a friendly face and get my cup of coffee."


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