Art Show Preview: Christine Ashburn

Christine Ashburn is one of the featured photographers in the upcoming Guinan's Art & Photography show this Sunday. She has chosen "the chairs and stools of Guinan's" as her main theme. I've seen many, and they are lovely.

Speaking of chairs, here's one filled with none other than Jim Guinan. Christine shot this last August during "Guinan's Day," where we raised money for Team Guinan. A minimum of 50% of the sale of each piece from this upcoming show will go the Guinan Family and Team Guinan's 2008 ride.

"This image of Jim Guinan is my most favorite photo of Guinan's. It is a simple photo that depicts Jim sitting, laughing, and enjoying a beer; encapsulating what Gunian's meant to me. This photo was taken last August during Guinan's Day."


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