Nod to Guinan's from Seattle

Out in the Seattle area, Guinan's got a nice nod from the Bothell-Reporter paper. The editor, Andy Nystrom, writes about the concept of endings and new beginnings in his column.

Here's an excerpt:

"...I, too, must move on ... to a new book, that is.
For the last week, I’ve been caught up in Gwendolyn Bounds’ book, “Little Chapel on the River,” which tells the story of Guinan’s bar in Garrison, NY, and its struggle to keep its old-time charm in a world of change. The family doesn’t want to alter one thing from the golden days, and clearly doesn’t want to think about closing up shop — even though it seems to be inevitable at times. (Read the book and check the blogs for all the heart-wrenching details.)
You see, it all ties in, locally and nationally.
We’ll all make it through just fine."

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