Your Chapel: Benny Havens, Highland Falls, N.Y.

This note came to me from Mike Koutsourades, brother of Georgia Christy who is an excellent licensed massage therapist on Garrison's Landing. (See page 31 of the paperback version of LC)

Mike runs The Hudson River Shop on the side while he works in taxes for a large accounting firm. He resides in Delmar, N.Y.

"I think your book will make Jim Guinan as famous as Benny Havens and Abe Sammons in Hudson Valley inn keepers folklore. I came across this Benny Havens website below. Interestly his place was so loved by West Pointers it was disassembled and moved after his death. Jim Guinan could be considered a modern day Benny Havens. This thought came to me as I read the chapter on Colonel Tom making his way across the Hudson as a cadet. Have you ever been to Highland Falls? The village is full of little homely bars: The Fireside, Benny's, The South Gate. Consider a evening out for "'research.'"

Mike Koutsourades


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