"The Hour Is Late..."

The following is a quote from the epilogue of an unpublished book penned by the grandfather of Ed Preusser, one of the characters in Little Chapel. A Knight (pictured here with the Queen of the United Kingdom) and a Major General in the English army, he was Irish by birth and from County Cork.

The words speak to how many of us felt down at Guinan's:

"The hour is late, the flames are dying down, the embers glow, the glasses require recharging. A guest rises to leave and the spell is broken. Realization dawns that it is another day and we have to face once more the problems of reality. But if I have been able to beguile you for an hour or two into forgetting the pressing problems of today it will have afforded me infinite satisfaction."

-Major General Sir Rupert Brazier-Creagh K.B.E, C.B, L of M, D.S.O (12/12/1909 to 4/3/02)

Photo courtesy of the Preusser family.


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