Guinan's Art Show Reception TODAY

Yesterday, most of art went up on the walls at the Garrison's Art Center for the Guinan's Art & Photography Show, which opens today with a beer and wine reception from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

I had a chance to see everyone's work, and it's absolutely fantastic. There's something for everyone whether you know and love Guinan's from near or afar, or if you're just interested in beautiful photography -- and have never heard of the place. Christine Ashburn's chair series conveys an incredible sense of home, while Kelly Guinan's unflinching eye has captured architectural and other details of Guinan's that will be missed the most.

Mary Ellen Yannitelli has created a sculpture that's an homage to the family and volunteers who helped keep Guinan's going in recent years, while Ed Preusser hand-crafted a wooden shamrock sign that's surely going to start a bidding war. I have a few images of Guinan's regulars going about their daily routines at the store (one of John Guinan is pictured here).

And last but certainly not least, Russ Cusick is displaying some of his finest tile and photographic work to date to commemorate Guinan's and is using paint from the Guinan's bar on his hand-built frames. He kindly built frames for two of my works.

Please stop by and remember, at least 50% and in most cases more of the proceeds will go to Jim Guinan and Team Guinan for their 2008 ride. So please be as generous as you can.

See you there.


Jen said…
Can't believe I missed this!!! Been in love from afar with the bar and the people for two years now. Ironically, I was reading the book on the way home from my Mother's in Vermont...WE DROVE RIGHT PAST IT!!!!

Can't believe it closed
Can't believe they had an art show
Rent and Guinans close in the same year????? COME ON!!!!

I'd be willing to relocate and run it

my kids can get themselves to school and sports and plays

so sad!

Thanks for your book, one of my favorites and I've lent it out to 10s of relatives who all loved it.

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