Video: "Last Train to Guinan's"

Joe Foster shot this video during Guinan's last night in business. The good-bye ran for many until after midnight, for some until 3 a.m., and for a diehard few, until the first morning commuter train pulled into Garrison station.

Joe does a nice job piecing together still shots with moving video and captures a lot of the regulars in this footage. The words in the beginning are borrowed from Peter Applebome's New York Times column last Sunday.


Meg Wolff said…
I'm sitting here at my computer at 8:38 a.m. with tears in my eyes after listening to Jim sing "Danny Boy". This could be our next "Cheers", don't you think? Wow, I didn't realize that the train came right up to Guinan's! Good movie, thanks for sharing it. I'll forward to my book club.
Anonymous said…
I've only had the pleasure of visiting Guinan's once, but I know that I'm sad it's gone. I will lift a glass to Jim and Guinan's whenever I hear "Danny Boy." Thank you for sharing a bit of time with me!
Anonymous said…
I spent many evenings and days at Guinan's, waiting for the fairy to West Point, or a train to the city. It was a gateway for many Cadets, and it boasted some of the finest human beings I've ever met, and each provided a different perspective of the story of Guinan's.
A good friend of mine, Doug, moved from Texas to New York City, and we would always meet at the "Little Chapel on the River" for a beer and a bite to eat, and chat with Dean, Mr. Guinan, and anyone who happened to be within earshot.
My days in New York are over, but I will always have a place in my heart for Guinans.
-Andrew, USMA class of 2007

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