Finding the Way Back Home ...

Cathy Seeber, who grew up in Garrison, N.Y., took this photo on a trip home in 2005. The image is of a sign Ed Preusser hand-crafted in his basement to help folks find the chapel. He made two; one was stolen. He reclaimed the other on closing day.

Meantime, Cathy, who now lives in Fall City, Wash., shared these memories of Guinan's:

Guinans…Where I bought clandestine cigarettes in my teens; Where my dad got the paper every morning before jumping on the train. Where my brothers had their first beers. Where Lucien Hold probably bought a soda the day he sailed out alone and was dragged under by a tug-line, not to be found for over a year. Where all the kids went to get an ice cream bar and then go sit on the dock for the afternoon. Where we all got snacks when building sets for the Garrison Depot Theatre which my mom and dad founded. Where my sister Mindy and I played guitar in the gazebo pretending we were Joan Baez.


bill said…
Cathy you made me think of all my friends that have crosse through the doors of this pub on the Hudson, Mickey S tried to get me to go the last time I was in town, but alas I did not take him up on it and feel like I have lost more then I can say. Micckey did return with a book that I read in a night with all the names of people I went to school with or heard about. Life is too short not to have a proper pint with friends, so Thank you Jim and the Fam for giving such life to us all even the ones who never came into the door. I think I was at the Drummer Boy with Diane M
BillB Sammamish WA

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