NYTimes "Our Towns" Column on Guinan's

Today, the NYTimes has a terrific tribute to Guinan's written by the paper's "Our Towns" columnist Peter Applebome.

The column, titled "Farewell to a Pub, and Maybe to an Era," runs on the cover of the Metro section. Applebome made it to the final Irish Night and hung in late with the crowd.

He's got some great turns of phrase; here's just a flavor:

"As they say, Harp Lager: $3.50. Slim Jim: 25 cents. Liverwurst sub: $5.25. Hearing Jim Guinan on the last Irish Night at Guinan's: priceless."

And you can hear a snippet of Jim singing "Danny Boy" that night also on the Times' Web site, along with other musical clips.

This is the second installment by Peter, who also wrote about Guinan's reprieve last year.


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