Video from the last Irish Night.

Andy Revkin shot this footage from the last Irish Night. Midway through you can see just how crowded the store got and catch glimpses of Jim Guinan and John Guinan.


Anonymous said…
No video of the "handsome Preusser brothers...?"
Becka said…
What a video! What a way to start a Monday morning.... crying. I'm going through enough of my own farewells and then to watch this is more than my eyes can take. My tears overflow.
But, I do not intend to be sad forever.
Just as living at the beach has given me some of the best memories of my life, going to New York, visiting Guinan's, meeting Jim and John are parked in my memory bank forever.
I want to celebrate. Celebrate life. Celebrate traditions. Celebrate my home just as Jim celebrates his. Enjoy my own personal history. Tell my own stories.
But, today I'm sad. And, today I'm crying.

Becka Rogers
Bessemer, Alabama
Meg Wolff said…
Okay, I'm bringing my computer to my book club meeting next week (we read Little Chapel On the River) and I'm going to play this clip. Bagpipes how great. But sad that this place is closing, great that Gwendoll wrote about it to capture it in time. What a great service to all and to the Guinans!
Anonymous said…
Nice video.
Anonymous said…
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your great writing talents with everyone, and for letting the rest of the world know what a special place this was to all of us. Many friendships have been cultivated in this place that has become so special to us, and while I may have helped keep the music tradition alive, you deserve a lot of credit for keeping the place going for as long as it did.
Your appreciative friend,
Jack Mc Andrew

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