New Guinan's Trivets

UPDATED: Jan. 13th.

Check this out. Artist Russ Cusick designed and produced several trivets of Guinan's interior.

These two tiles are images shot of landmarks in the bar. One features the neon green shamrock commuters can see from the train platform; the other is the old metal red Coca-Cola cooler that houses beer.

Russ has loads of other tiles with Guinan's images down at the store. He's not charging for them, but it's suggested that takers make a minimum donation depending on the size. Donations will go to John Guinan and his family for medical costs.


Anita Prentice said…
Wendy, Thank you so much for doing this blog.It means a lot and will mean more after the store is closed - a still ungraspable thought.
A few weeks ago in December, Gloria Colucci and I took the new Haldane superintendent, Mark Vilanti, and Dave Merandy, Haldane Board Pres., to Guinan's for lunch. We wanted to welcome Mark to the area in the most uniquely Garrison place we could think of, and he enjoyed it very much.
All the best, Anita

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