Irish Night Song of the Week: The Wild Rover

From time to time, until I run out of songs, I'll post a link here to a new song recorded live from one of Guinan's Irish Night sessions. The music is courtesy of the talented artists of course and also Bryan Merdler who spent hours uploading the songs online.

The first pick is my personal favorite: The Wild Rover led by Jack McAndrew.

Anyone wanting a CD with copies of the music, can email Bryan directly at lgrthnmst(at)

Note: Logo above courtesy of Vic Schwarz.


Matthew said…
Can you tell me please how to correspond with Vic Schwarz? I have long admired a guitar I saw that he built, and have not found any way to contact him.

All best,

Matthew von Unwerth
author, Freud's Requiem
(Riverhead/Penguin, 2005)

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