Parking for Irish Night

Tomorrow's Rising of the Moon (aka "Irish Night") will be the last at Guinan's -- and it's gonna be a zoo most likely, though a fabulous wonderful zoo at that.

I'd encourage most folks, especially those who come after 8 p.m. to park in the Metro-North parking lot on the East side of the railroad tracks opposite Guinan's and walk across the overpass to the pub. I think parking might be free at that hour, but check the meter sign by the steps to the tracks. It's really cheap if not.

There are a lot of folks planning to come say good-bye, and that's going to make space very tight in the store and pub. Please be patient and try not to get frustrated. Everyone is there for the same reason: to have a good time and pay honor to this fantastic tradition.

Here's a link to Jim singing Danny Boy. See you tomorrow.


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