Letter from Mary Ellen Yannitelli ...

Time is growing short to visit the Chapel...but there's hope for the future.

This letter from Mary Ellen Yannitelli, a wise character in Little Chapel, wife of Tony and mother of the late Lou-Lou, was published on the Cold Spring Living Web site's blog earlier this week:

"To those that have been to the 'Little Chapel', please come for a goodbye beer or cup of tea. And to those that have not, please come and experience this fast disappearing slice of America.

The last-ever Irish night is Thursday January 24-it will be extremely crowded, so if crowds are not to your liking, come anytime-I work Thurs., Fri., and Saturdays from 9 am-12. Friday nights are usually particularly fun and Sunday afternoons looking out onto the glimmering river are enjoyable as well.

After the Guinan's are gone, the building owners will do some much needed renovations, which will probably take almost a year to complete. After that-who knows? I have already proposed to them that I would like a shot at opening a Guinan's-like country store there-so we'll see!"

I hope to see you all there!
-Mary Ellen

Photo by Clemson Smith


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