The Last Irish Night...

Guinan's always seems to expand to fit the size of the crowd who wants entry into her rooms. And on Thursday night, at the final Rising of the Moon music session, she was put to the test.

The number of loyal fans coming to bid farewell was estimated at between 400 and 500, though it's hard to know for sure. From 7 p.m. on, both the store and the bar were so jammed that it's a wonder we all didn't collapse into the Hudson River. The overflow of folks spilled onto the patio to mill under heat lamps.

The festivities continued until 3 a.m.; nearly 60 cases of beer were sold with Kelly Guinan reporting that only a case of Ballantine and a few scattered other bottles remained at evening's end. Jim sang "Danny Boy" both in the bar and out in the store. He was also presented with a cake thanking him for "the moons and tunes."

For you who live nearby, there are CDs available at the store for $20 featuring Jim singing five songs: "I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen," "The Dying Rebel," "Mother Mo Croi," "Galway Bay," and "Danny Boy." The CD, titled "Long Time Coming" is a limited release. All proceeds go to Jim.

Lots of wonderful pictures and video were shot that night. They'll be uploaded soon, and I'll post viewing details here. Meantime here are four shots: The store crowd photo was taken by Clemson Smith and the remaining three by Russell Cusick.


Anonymous said…
Wendy I am happy you found your place. We all have them. Heard you late night bought the book and passed around. Everyone loved it including me and I never read books. Only the WSJ daily. Wish I could have seen the place. Tried last year but got lost. Heard you on Jerry Doyle and it reminded me of your stories. It beats drinking in a bar in Manhattan in the morning. I remember the story in the book. Please send the left over case of Ballantine I'll drink it. Bottoms up and I will mourn with you. Your loss is ours too across the world.
A guy from Baahston
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for sharing this. Those of us who are sad not to be able to make it to the Chapel in person for one last visit are able to live vicariously through your wonderful words, pictures and music clips. I do hope you will continue to keep this blog updated beyond the 31st.
lafeber said…
Alas, I did not make it to the beloved Guinan's, but I loved it all the same.

Thanks, Wendy, for taking me there. Thanks, Guinans, for welcoming us all.

With raised pint in hand, I bid you a fond farewell.

Stacey LaFeber
Urbana, IL

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