NYTimes on John Guinan; Community Donates Graciously to Weekend's Memorial Services

New York Times "Our Towns" columnist Peter Applebome Friday penned this tribute to John Guinan and the Garrison's Landing store his family ran from 1959 until 2008.

Peter has written two other stories about Guinans, one in 2007 and another this year.

In his most recent post, Peter included a moving quote from John about what the store meant to him all these years:

“I’m not sure exactly how, but we became a comfort zone for people,” [John] said, “a place that reminds people of a place they went to when they were young, something that makes them think good thoughts. People need a place like this, but the reward you get for the kindness you provide is worth much more than whatever you give out. It blows me away to be a part of it.”

John also would have been blown away at the generosity of the community during his wake, funeral service and memorial reception at Garrison's Landing. One of his dear friends, Mary Ellen Yannitelli -- who has proposed opening a new store to carry on the Guinan's tradition -- helped spearhead the reception, where local vendors who worked with the Guinan's, as well as friends, donated or provided discounts on food/drink and sundry items--as well as offered their time.

Here's a rough list of donors from Mary Ellen. Apologies from both of us for any who are missing or any misspellings. Please send any corrections or add names to the comments section at the end of this post:

Libby Turnock & the Garrison Art Center
Bill Burback/Peter Hofmann
B & L Deli
Peekskill Beer & Soda
JAC Baked Goods Inc.
Peekskill Ice
Tom & Sandy Endres
Tom Whyte
Donny Yannitelli
Yorktown Police
Putnam County Sheriff's Dept.
Christine & Ed Ashburn
David & Cathy Lilburne, Jeff Lacko & Katie Mayo
Various neighbors/friends-homemade desserts

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