Save the Garrison's Landing Store

Here’s a note from Mary Ellen Yannitelli, who is making a bid to reopen the store that was Guinan’s -- possibly to be named the Hudson Café. She believes this building should serve the general town and commuters, and not just become an office and apartment building.

It's important to voice your thoughts now. Email any support, questions, concerns, aid or even other name suggestions to:

“Hi Everyone! I submitted my proposal to the building owners, the Garrison Station Plaza, Inc. I don't know what their intentions are for the space once they are finished with the renovations, it could be anything, but I would love to show them how much that place has meant to people and the energy and enthusiasm for it to continue as a store/cafe such as I proposed.

Please leave your story or comments here--they just may be the testament the Board needs as proof that place should continue as a store. Thank you! -Mary Ellen Yannitelli”

Highlights of "Hudson Café" proposal:

-Café/deli with convenient grocery items and home-style menu for take-out or dining on premise

-Wireless Internet access

-Commuters hours: 5:30 a.m. till 10 p.m. weekdays; 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. weekends

-Rotating menu using local farmers and ingredients: stews, chili, fried chicken, pot roast, brisket, meatballs, pulled pork, pot pies, stuffed roasted game hens, shrimp scampi, macaroni & cheese, hot dogs, burgers, salads, rice, roasted potatoes and made to order sandwiches and wraps.

-Beer and wine served on premise


anitaprentice said…
It's so needed, Mary Ellen; Guinan's is so missed, and you are such a brave person to be willing to take this on.
At the Garrison School, we are working on plans to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the stone School House building. An alum from the Class of 1957 emailed that he wants to come back and meet up with old classmates at Guinan's.
Anonymous said…
The whole texture of the commute has changed. We hope this is a brief hiatus. Garrison was lucky to have a functioning rail station. Without it the trip is that much more dehumanizing. Thanks Mary Ellen, you have our support.
Shelley Boris & Peter Lewis
Anonymous said…
Mary Ellen,
Here's an idea: for vino serve only NY State wines.
Anonymous said…
If the Tavern is closed, there is no quick, casual place to eat in Garrison , NY in the evenings. None. Nada. We are so in need of such a great idea as Mary Ellen Yanatelli’s. It will be patronized heavily and add to the wonderful growing feeling of entertainment, arts and community at the landing.

Please let me know if I can voice further support, gather others’ opinions, etc.

Christine Foertsch
Garrison, NY
Anonymous said…
Guinan's fostered a true sense of community that is getting harder and harder to find these days. Because there was no exclusivity there, even an "outsider" like myself felt at home.
I think continuing the store/cafe tradition would greatly benefit locals and visitors alike. My family and friends echo my sentiments. We look forward to hopping on the train and visiting the newest gathering place. Best of luck regarding the proposal. You have a lot of people rooting for you.


Michelle Sarsfield
New York, NY
Anonymous said…
I am writing to ask that you hear the voices of the many that have been touched by Garrison’s Landing and the magic that it holds for people near and, in my case, far. I had the honor of visiting Guinan’s and Garrison’s Landing back in December and was amazed at how warm and welcoming the community is; I left feeling like a part of it.

Mary Ellen Yannitelli has proposed the Hudson Café to serve the commuters as well as the residents of Garrison’s Landing in order to preserve the sense of community and the rich history that goes along with it – what a gift to be able to give back to the many that have supported this store throughout the years. In an age when everyone rushes about and does not take time to stop and just talk with their neighbors the Hudson Café would serve as a “home away from home” where folks can come together and just “be”.

Please do the right thing and accept her proposal to keep the magic alive in Garrison’s Landing, thank you.

Best wishes,

Jennifer L. Mace
Supervising Director of Wishgranting
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado, Inc.
Anonymous said…
My husband and I moved to Garrison 2 years ago and immediately felt a sense of belonging because of Guinan's and its familiar and friendly faces. Many mornings, I was running so late that I did not have time to pay for my coffee. I was trusted - TRUSTED to pay the next day! To be in a place that is so open and honest that it was still on the honor system was so refreshing and welcome (and I always did pay!). My Uncle was diagnosed with brain cancer about a year before John Guinan. We participated in the effort to support John financially and emotionally, but the help that we gave was nothing in comparison to how much it helped me deal with my uncle's suffering to see a community come together to support someone in need. It also gave me something wonderful to share with my uncle as he suffered through the same terrible disease. I hope that someone who loves and cares about the wondeful community in Garrison and shared in the amazing entity that was Guinan's will be allowed to open a store in that place so that we Garrisonians can continue to have a place to be together as a community. My suggestion, if the Guinans would allow it, would be to keep the name as it was.

Sarena Straus
"Bronx DA: True Stories from the Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence Unit" (Barricade, 2006)
Anonymous said…
Dear Mary Ellen,

We were so happy to hear that someone would be taking over the Guinan’s tradition and then some!

Garrison is in desperate need of a reliable gathering place where the community can go and get a good meal,

Local produce, daily news, in a comfortable , family friendly setting on the beautiful Hudson River.

We don’t ask for anything too fancy and your ideas are beyond anything we could dream of.

Just give us a burger, a beer & get us on the train on time!


Monica & Paul Adler
Unknown said…
We were all saddened when Guinan's pub/store closed on Garrison Landing, but we understand that despite their best efforts, the Guinan's just could not do it anymore, and change was upon us. We hope every consideration will be given to opening a similar venture (maybe with different coffee, Mary Ellen! (-: ) David & I have had a presence on the Landing since moving here in 1986, first in our home (next to the GAC) and now at our shop, Antipodean Books, Maps & Prints. Over that time, we have seen a definite decline in the sense of vibrancy at the Landing. Increasingly, the businesses here are private offices; many tenants are absentees. The Art Center and the Theater do a great job bringing people down here. The Landing Association has done a very good job renovating the buildings, which had become dilapidated in the past - witness the current renovation going on at the Art Center. And, there is an opportunity now to renovate the Guinan's building. However, the Landing still needs a vibrant anchor, and the kind of cafe proposed by Mary Ellen Yannitelli would fit that bill.
Anonymous said…
Mary Ellen-Rick and I completely want this to happen-please add Rick and Sheila Thurston to your list of supportees.
Anonymous said…
Mary Ellen,

Of course we support your brave efforts. All looks really great. Let us know if we can do anything to get it off the ground!

Cindy McEvoy
Anonymous said…
Its very exciting...Not sure I wouldn't call it "CHEERS 2" or "CHEERS on the Hudson"

Irene McGrath, RBC Wealth Mgmt
Anonymous said…
WOW, congratulations!

What else can we do to help?

Cali & Roger Gorevic
Anonymous said…
What an excellent project to tackle! You go girl! You can definetely add our names to your petition. You have been such an active and positive member of the community and a true supporter of the growth at the Garrison Landing. We would love to see you open a business in the old Guinans space. It would only be an asset to the landing. We know you would create something that would be a draw to our community, as well as our neighbors. Good luck!

Nicole and Scott Jandrucko
Anonymous said…
It all sounds so good! ... Who the heck would be against something like this? I think you have great ideas for the place...along with all the great food you listed, I like your stance on "non-fancy sandwiches".

The Azznara family
Anonymous said…
Garrison landing needs Mary Ellen to open a new store on the water front.
If Garrison fails to have a community store like Guinan's it would be a major lose for the people of the area.

Sometimes it's not about having apartments and office spaces crammed together to make money. It's about keeping community spirit alive.
Anonymous said…
A little part of Garrison died they day the doors of Guinans closed. While there are those who were never touched by the "magic," that was Guinans, they are few in number who left the place without a warm feeling in their heart. Times change, people change, but the need for a, "down, home, country store is a change Philipstown should never be without. Support Maryellen and her bid to bring back a little bit of home to all who visit the store.
Anonymous said…
We say give Mary Ellen a chance to open her store! If anyone has the warmth, creativity and common sense to resurrect the neighborly, character-filled, unpretentious spirit of Guinan's, it's her. Garrison deserves at least giving her a go at it. Worst case? We get to eat her delicious homemade lasagna for a few weeks and hear her laugh over a beer!--Charlotte and Chip Rowe
Unknown said…
Mary Ellen we wish you all the best for this project.
With your energy and love for the place, there is no one better than you to bring the heart of the community back to life.
We miss sitting at the river enjoying the view, a drink and the company of friends.

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