John Guinan Doing Well...

John came through a tough surgery very well. His family and several close friends were by his side yesterday when he woke up. As one put it, "he was talking a mile a minute."

That's John for you.

Please send letters and cards to the address in this post.


Anonymous said…
Whoo Hoooo! It made me happy to hear that John was "talking a mile a minute." Thank you so much, Wendy, for the update.

Christine A.
Dana said…
My card is on its way. Thanks for the update, and keep us posted. - Dana D. B. - Little Rock
anitaprentice said…
God bless John.

Thanks, Wendy
Patti Anderson said…
I just heard of John's passing from Margaret. John was a great person and I remember him back in the 70's when we all used to go camping. My prayers and thoughts are with them all.
Patti Anderson

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