NYTimes 1966 Article on Garrison's Landing

There was a time when Garrison's Landing was on the brink of decay, lifeless without a draw for its residents or visitors. This NYTimes article from 1966 talks about how a group, led by Gen. Frederick Osborn, stepped in to save the Landing from becoming a footnote in history.

They formed a non-profit association, whose mission was to resurrect and protect this historic strip of land and make it again a place where the community would gather. The town responded by volunteering their time, tools, paint and brooms to clean up the spot.

More than 30 years later, those of us who are newcomers have been privileged to have the Landing as entry into this community. There's the Garrison's Yacht Club, the Philipstown Depot Theater, the Garrison Art Center and David and Cathy Lilburn's Antipodean book and map shop.

And, of course, until recently was the glue binding it all together: Guinan's Pub & Country Store.

Without that glue, some residents feel the Landing is becoming lifeless again -- and want very much to see a store and local gathering spot resurrected there. Read these comments here.

But Gen. Osborn's legacy lives on. The association formed by him still owns a large stake in the real estate group now controlling the building that was Guinan's. It will be up to them what becomes of that spot. And that will say a lot about the future of Garrison's Landing.

Photo by Gwendolyn Bounds, 2005


Anonymous said…
Is that Lou-Lou in the picture?
It is Lou-Lou. But just for clarity, given the headline, this picture was taken in 2005, not 1966. Lou-Lou lived a long time, but four decades would have been a bit much even for her.

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