Garrison School Blog Spring Edition Launches

"Garrison rocks."
That's what 10 seventh-grade students have to say about their town. Today they launched their Spring edition of the "Cougar Times" online. [NOTE: I'm with them live-blogging from their classroom.]

Included in the edition are book reviews, stories about summertime, articles on school issues, photos and community news about where the 8th graders are going to school next year.

The students have been working for two months under Charlotte Rowe at the Garrison Union Free School District.

Journalists working on the project include: Lianna Culp, Richard Stiehl, Eryn Kelly, Nicklas Clemente, Simon Close, Lindy Labriola, Robby Schartner, Olivia Mennillo, Madison Freeman and Chloe Wareham-Gordon.

Congratulations to them all.


anitaprentice said…
Thank you so much for coming to inspire the students!

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