Garrison Station Plaza Agrees to Revisit Store Issue; But Outcome Still Unclear

Members of the Garrison Station Plaza board agreed this morning to revisit whether there should be a store or similar public venue housed in the building formerly known as “Guinan’s.” While this is a positive move to those of us supporting such an establishment, it remains unclear what direction the board will ultimately take.

Edward N. Preusser, a shareholder who is not on the board, presented the results gathered so far on a public petition started this week that calls for preserving such a store on Garrison’s Landing. To date, 910 people have signed both from the New York region as well as around the country and overseas.

The board discussed how and where they might solicit proposal for such use of the space. (One such proposal has already been submitted and may still be considered despite earlier indications that it would not.) GSP board members agreed they would study the matter and make a decision about their direction in the near future.

Those who have not signed the petition, but who do support having a place to serve the public on the Landing, please visit the Web site and sign today. Every name matters.

Separately, the GSP board made a $100 donation in John Guinan’s memory to Braking the Cycle. Members also noted that they planned to place a plaque commemorating the Guinan family on the building at #7 Garrison’s Landing no matter what its ultimate use.

Your support has been recognized and is helping. Thank you to everyone.

Photo by Jim Donnery. All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said…
Keep fighting the good fight, Wendy!

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