Letter From LTC Kenny McDonald

Below, a letter from a U.S. officer recently wounded in Iraq:

Dear Station Plaza Board Members,

I would like you to consider Mary Ellen Yanitelli's proposal for the Guinan's Country Store and Pub. There is a great opportunity to keep "a warm and special place" in Garrison.

I am a career military officer stationed at West Point and have been attending the Irish nights at Guinan's since 1995. I just recently returned from two years in Iraq after being critically wounded. I was more hurt by the news that Guinan's was closed than I was with my physical wounds. One of the "things" I clung to during my recovery were memories of Garrison and Guinan's. You can not imagine how important this was to my recovery.

I believe there is something so very special about this community. This is an opportunity to keep the community together....

God Bless,

LTC Kenny McDonald
Deputy Commander
US Army Corps of Engineers
New York District

Photo by Gwendolyn Bounds. All Rights Reserved.


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