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10 Questions for New Proprietor of Old Guinan’s Building (Plus: Proposed New Name)

View of #7 Garrison's Landing, now under renovation, from train platform. Renovations for a new restaurant and cafe are well underway at #7 Garrison’s Landing , home to the former Guinan’s Pub & Country Store, which closed its doors in 2008. A couple of weeks ago, I got a tour inside - stepping back across a threshold into a place so many lucky people once called a second home.  The nonprofit organization leading the reconstruction has rebuilt the pub area in back (no, the floor doesn’t slant anymore but that glorious view of the Hudson River is the same) and generally kept the building’s overall architectural shape in tact. The old green phone booth still stands outside (it might become a library book trading outpost, I’m told), the stone fireplace is there (couldn’t see if the gold shamrock was still embedded on the hearth as it was covered with new windows about to be installed.)   [ UPDATE : Breaking news...the shamrock has been located and while it is not on t