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Journal-News Story on Irish Night

Barbara Nackman of the Journal-News wrote a story today about the continuing tradition of Irish Night . She called Jim Guinan, Irish Night's longtime former host, in Florida for his thoughts: "It's all about the music, love," he said from his new Florida digs, admitting that he misses New York just a bit, even though the golf is nice. "The old tunes remind us of old times. It is good, yes, to keep going, but as long as it continues in the right way." Jim will be back for a visit toward the end of the week. He's said he might pop in to one of the new venues and sing a song or two. So keep your ears open ... Photo by Gwendolyn Bounds (Irish Night @ Guinan's)

Journal-News: "Guinan's Irish music fest continues"

Guinan's Irish music fest continues Barbara Livingston Nackman 908 words 17 May 2008 The Journal News (White Plains, NY) GWPR 1B English (c) Copyright 2008, The Journal News. All Rights Reserved. The Irish music tradition Rising of the Moon will be on Wednesdays at the Cold Spring Depot Restaurant in Cold Spring and on Thursdays at P.J. Kelly's in Peekskill every month after a full moon. The days of the week were reversed in an article Saturday. COLD SPRING - Guinan's in Garrison officially closed its doors in January, but its monthly ritual of Irish music after a full moon still rings out along the bank of the Hudson River. The Rising of the Moon observance has been resurrected in not one, but two local sites. Spirited singers and musicians are giving new life to the lilting Gaelic tunes that elicited a smile from Jim Guinan and his friendly guests for nearly five decades in Garrison. "It's just good to keep the tradition going," said Candace Coates,

John Guinan Doing Well...

John came through a tough surgery very well. His family and several close friends were by his side yesterday when he woke up. As one put it, "he was talking a mile a minute." That's John for you. Please send letters and cards to the address in this post .

John Guinan in Surgery Today

Please send your thoughts and prayers to John Guinan, his wife Mary Jane and their family today. He is undergoing his fourth surgery this morning/afternoon to reduce the size of his brain tumor . He was optimistic and in good spirits last night. His address is below to send letters. He loves getting your notes, so thank you to all of you who have already reached out: JOHN GUINAN 7 PULASKI ROAD FISHKILL NY 12524 I'll update on his progress here later today.

NYTimes 1966 Article on Garrison's Landing

There was a time when Garrison's Landing was on the brink of decay, lifeless without a draw for its residents or visitors. This NYTimes article from 1966 talks about how a group, led by Gen. Frederick Osborn, stepped in to save the Landing from becoming a footnote in history. They formed a non-profit association, whose mission was to resurrect and protect this historic strip of land and make it again a place where the community would gather. The town responded by volunteering their time, tools, paint and brooms to clean up the spot. More than 30 years later, those of us who are newcomers have been privileged to have the Landing as entry into this community. There's the Garrison's Yacht Club, the Philipstown Depot Theater, the Garrison Art Center and David and Cathy Lilburn's Antipodean book and map shop . And, of course, until recently was the glue binding it all together: Guinan's Pub & Country Store . Without that glue, some residents feel the Landing

Save the Garrison's Landing Store

Here’s a note from Mary Ellen Yannitelli, who is making a bid to reopen the store that was Guinan’s -- possibly to be named the Hudson CafĂ©. She believes this building should serve the general town and commuters, and not just become an office and apartment building. It's important to voice your thoughts now. Email any support, questions, concerns, aid or even other name suggestions to: “Hi Everyone! I submitted my proposal to the building owners, the Garrison Station Plaza, Inc. I don't know what their intentions are for the space once they are finished with the renovations, it could be anything, but I would love to show them how much that place has meant to people and the energy and enthusiasm for it to continue as a store/cafe such as I proposed. Please leave your story or comments here--they just may be the testament the Board needs as proof that place should continue as a store. Thank you! -Mary Ellen Yannitelli” Highlights of "Huds