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Welcome Home Team Guinan!!!

Welcome Home Team Guinan ! ... Here are photos of this year's two fearless riders: Ed Preusser and Christine Ashburn . They braved cold and rain and what was universally agreed to be the HARDEST hill in the history of Braking the Cycle . With them on the ride was Team Guinan Captain, Kelly Guinan Preusse r , who couldn't saddle up this year because she and Ed are expecting a Baby Preusser in coming months. Her mom Mary Jane Guinan was there helping and cheering as well. In total, all the riders raised more than $273,000. Really fantastic in a tough economy so THANK YOU to all who generously donated. It means more than ever this year. You are champs! And John Guinan would have been so proud. Photos by Kelly Guinan Preusser. All rights reserved. If you are on Facebook and friends with Kelly, you can see more of her photographs from the ride here .

Eight Years Later...

"...the disaster itself had a ripple effect. The pain and the horror and the tragedy of it spread out through the world like the ripples on a pond when a pebble's been thrown in. But the healing travels back the other way, like the same rip ples coming back towards the center after they've reached the shore." -- from the book "Where Was God on September 11th" by scientist J ohn Horgan and Rev. Frank Geer , Garrison NY.

FREE Guinan's-Inspired Trivet for Donations to Team Guinan

Local "tile guy," pro photographer and graphic designer Russ Cusick has graciously offered to give away free one of these Guinan's-inspired trivets to anyone making a final week $50 or larger donation to Team Guinan -- led by Kelly Guinan -- for Braking the Cycle. Russ designed the trivets and they were sold at the store during its final weeks of operation. After you've made your donation, simply forward your donation confirmation email to Russ at along with your mailing address and your trivet will be on the way. A ND MOST IMPORTANT -- Here's the link to donate . Time is short. They ride next week. Please be generous and thank you to Russ for his generosity. If you need any more inspiration to donate, check out the short video tribute Russ put together of Team Guinan and John below.

Only 2 WEEKS LEFT to Support Team Guinan

Time, and the cold weather, is catching up with Team Guinan . The latter isn't so bad -- the former is harder because they still need your donations to ride. It's the Boston to New York leg, and if you've never ridden a bike from Boston to New York, think about how long it feels in a car. Now imagine it on a bike. (That's Kelly Guinan in 2007 pictured.) They really need your financial support to ride because any money they don't raise, they are responsible for paying themselves. And $3500 per person is not small change. So, please give a little, give a lot. Just give! PLEASE DONATE ONLINE HERE.