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Welcome to the Newest Parishioner: Aurora Faye Preusser

Congratulations to Kelly Guinan Preusser and Ed Preusser for the birth of their daughter, Aurora Faye Preusser . She came into the world on February 9th at 8:20 p.m. weighing 6 lbs, 14 oz and stretching a full 20 inches. Aurora has the pleasure of slumbering in the same crib as her father, Ed, his father Ed , her uncle John and several cousins, Daddy reports. The history continues ...

Pines Lake Book Club: "Jim Guinan Signed My Library Book..."

The last time many of us in Philipstown saw Jim Guinan alive, was St. Patrick's Day 2009 at Whistling Willies in Cold Spring, N.Y. Jim had a cold, but he was feeling up, telling stories, singing with his friends. During a lull in the action, he relayed to me an encounter he'd had at lunch with his daughter Margaret. They'd been dining at one of his favorite haunts, T he Depot in Cold Spring when a pair of strangers approached clutching a library copy of "Little Chapel on the River" and asked Jim to sign it. Turns out, this couple had driven to Garrison from New Jersey on the High Holy Day to share the celebration at Guinan's, only to find it closed. Disappointed, they made their way to The Depot and relayed their tale to the waiter, who then nodded over to where Jim and Margaret were dining. A chance encounter, it was, since Jim was up visiting from Florida where he lived with his youngest daughter, Christine . The delighted couple told Jim how one o