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New Tenant for Guinan's Building?

It looks like the old Guinan's building may be turned into a gathering spot for the public once again. Local Garrison residents Chris and Sharon Davis are pursuing permits to lease the building and turn it into a commuter retail store and restaurant, according to Chip Allemann , the general manager for two local establishments already owned by the Davis family: The Garrison and Highlands Country Club . Chris Davis runs N.Y.-based investment fund and he and his wife Sharon are active in many facets of Philipstown's environmental and historical preservation. Assuming all goes according to plan, Allemann, who would also help oversee this new venture, says they intend to open operations in the second quarter of 2013 after renovations are completed. There would be a commuter retail store open daily from early in the morning and a bar with light fare also open daily starting around midday. The current Tavern restaurant located at the Highlands Country Club would be moved to t