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John Guinan "Mustache" Tribute...

Thank you all for your emails asking for a report on Team Guinan . We are all back safe and relatively sound, except for a few knocked up knees. It was a rain-soaked 3 days coming from Gettysburg to NYC -- a pretty far cry from last year and our sun-filled 275-mile Braking the Cycle ride. Everyone rode long and hard, despite the soggy conditions, and we were supported by Quinn Chastant in our Team Guinan sweep van. This photo was taken at the end of Day One, after a 92-mile stretch. We are sporting mustaches in honor of John Guinan -- they were given to us courtesy of Mary Ellen Yannitelli . That night, BlackWatch Productions played an emotional video tribute to John after dinner. BlackWatch's Monica Anderson and John Anderson also provided arm bands with John's photo for every rider. The leaders of Braking the Cycle designated John as the honorary Rider Number 1. From left to right are Team Guinan members: Chris Robinson, Dean Bradshaw, Kelly Guinan Preusser, Ed Preus