Team Guinan To Ride On...Even in the Rain

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Tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m., Team Guinan will gather near the battlefields of Gettysburg, Pa. to mount our bikes and ride 275 miles to Manhattan. Forecasts say it will be raining with thunderstorms much of the three-day ride, but as they say, we'll ride on... until they won't let us.

We're part of a larger group -- Braking the Cycle -- but the seven of us are riding for someone you all loved well: John Guinan who did this ride on behalf of his wife, Mary Jane, and brother-in-law Tommy. And we're riding with John's daughter, our team leader, Kelly Guinan Preusser.

Other members include: Ed Preusser, Dean Bradshaw, Christine Ashburn, Chris Robinson, Lisa Bernhard and me.

This map above shows you our terrain. (It's mostly uphill. Seriously. Or at least it feels that way.)

We owe many of you in this community and in our larger out-of-Garrison community a great deal of thanks for all you did to help us raise funds; we each needed $3500 to ride. So many people donated -- and we are particularly grateful to Don Abel for his inordinately generous and heroic efforts on our behalf collecting a whopping $950.

Also, a huge thanks to Quinn Chastant who ferried a large segment of Team Guinan to Gettysburg at the last minute. Now we have our own bodyguard.

We'll update as we can from the road.


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