Board Rejects Public Appeal for Cafe in Old Guinan's Spot

The board of the Garrison Station Plaza has rejected proposals for a new cafe or similar gathering spot at the building formerly known as Guinan's.

Today's Journal-News story by Barbara Livingston Nackman quotes several board members, one of whom says the board is now considering proposals for offices and a rental apartment. People familiar with the board's plans say it is close to or has already signed a contract with at least one new tenant.

The board's decision comes after several months of lobbying from many parts of the community for a general store or other enterprise that would serve the needs of commuters, tourists, cadets, boaters and residents. More than 1,000 people from this community and around the country signed a petition urging the board to "preserve our community's center and vitality and permit a new store."

The board cited liability concerns but said little more.

In the story, board member Hank Osborn, whose grandfather once owned the property, stood apart from the board and said he disagreed with its decision -- calling it a "magical space."

I will write more about this later, but for now, this is the news.


Michelle said…
What an absolute shame. It's hard to make sense of a decision like this. It's almost like losing Guinan's all over again.
Anonymous said…
Id like to know who the board members are and why they have forgotton the spirit of Fred Osborne who had the forsight to see the need of a small country store and kept Jim and Peg there even when they couldnt afford the mortgage how selfish Id be willing to bet theres a conflict of interest there and someones pockets are going to be lined
Rob Walters said…
Anything is possible. The solution to saving Guinians may be to buy out a controlling share of Garrison Station Plaza. Also there may be something in the original deeds preventing its use from changing, as is often the case with railroad property. Need more info on this Plaza corporation, I live across the river. Rob Walters 733-6087.

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