Alumni To Gather This Weekend for Garrison School's 100th Anniversary

While Team Guinan is away on our 275-mile bike ride this weekend, alumni from around the country will gather to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Garrison Union Free School.

Anita Prentice writes to say there will be people returning to Garrison for the festivities from California, Minnesota, and Colorado, as well as all over the East Coast.

Organizers of the event have put together a pretty slick social networking Web site here on Ning that links alumni and hosts videos, photos, links to local businesses and community institutions as well as details about this weekend's events.

Given the weather report, I expect we'll all be pedaling in the rain wishing we were there for Jeff's Dain's grilling Saturday night.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad to see some still appreciate the history of a building in your town--it's too bad the Garrison Station Plaza Board clearly doesn't
anitaprentice said…
There were lots of people, returning alumni, who were wishing they could go down to Guinan's - or Lulu's - after the festivities at the school on Saturday.

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