"And So We Ride" -- A Video

Black Watch Productions Inc. produced this video of last year's Braking the Cycle Ride. It's called "And So We Ride," and is the work of John and Monica Anderson who've been chronicling the ride for years.

Watching it, you'll see members of Team Guinan pushing up hills, chugging back electrolytes -- but you'll also see the reason we ride: John Guinan, who's featured at the end of the film. You can't miss the white mustache.
We're riding again this year, Sept. 26th to 28th, and have a Team Goal of $50,000 to raise. Help us get started! Here's the link to our donation page. (And leave us a note in the Honor Roll section.)

Thanks again to all of you who helped our team meet it's goal last year. We're already on our way with training.

(Pictured here: Kelly Guinan and Chris Robinson. Photos taken respectively by Team Guinan members Christine Ashburn and David Lant.)


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