Donations Sought to Help Keep a Pub/Cafe in Former Guinan's Building

Many of you have emailed asking what will become of the building that formerly housed Guinan's. You've graciously asked whether there's anything you can do to help keep its longtime history as a public gathering spot alive.

First, thank you for caring and for your patience waiting for answers. Second, yes, now there is a way to help.

For several months, a small group has met with the owners of the building - Garrison Station Plaza - to determine if a new cafe and/or pub would be possible. The Station Plaza agreed to accept proposals for such a business, and one was submitted by Fresh Company, a local well-established Garrison catering company, and tentatively accepted. Fresh Company's vision, in essence, is to operate a new cafe, restaurant and pub in the old Guinan's space.

The last hurdle is money: there's a shortfall of about $300,000 in funds needed to renovate the space, originally built in the mid-1800s, so it can be brought up to current building codes required for this type of food and beverage service. An anonymous donor has offered a very generous challenging grant - and will match dollar-for-dollar the first $125,000 received.

Now your help is needed: donations are being sought among those who support keeping the history of this establishment alive. All contributions will be tax-deductible. Time is of the essence because if a significant portion of funds are not secured by this Thursday, the Station Plaza is scheduled move forward with Plan B - which consists of office space and apartments.

TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION, please email longtime Guinan's patron and family friend, Mary Ellen Yannitelli, at and make a pledge. Monies will be collected only if and when the goal amount is reached and the project is slated to move forward. More information can be found here on Facebook.

You must include your name, address and pledge amount. Thank you.

There will never be another spot like Guinan's. But its mission to serve the community and bring people together can be kept alive in this historical building that stands at the epicenter of our community.


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