Year-End Donations to Protect Hudson Valley

The Hudson River Valley has a number of groups working to preserve its lands, and they all depend on donations big and small to do their work. We're lucky to have this land around us -- this gorgeous, mysterious shot looking at Osborn Castle by Christine Ashburn reminds us of that.

One group is Scenic Hudson, which is working to protect 65,000 acres of what it dubs the most important land along the river -- the "must save" landscapes that meet New York State's highest standards for ecological, scenic and agricultural values.

Another is the Hudson Highlands Land Trust, which has been working privately with landowners since 1989, when local residents united to form an organization that would provide conservation options for individuals.

A third is Open Space Institute. OSI achieves its goals through land acquisition, conservation easements, regional loan programs, fiscal sponsorship, creative partnerships, and analytical research.

Online donations are accepted for all three groups.

Here's a list of other organizations dedicated to the Hudson Valley and its environnment. Feel free to add others in the Comment section below.

Happy New Year...


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