Friday, December 19, 2008

Video: Morning at Guinan's

While reporting my book Little Chapel on the River, I spent most of 2003 at Guinan's Pub and Country Store. Since my "job" for that year was to spend time at the place I loved most, I occasionally helped out behind the counter and met most of the regulars passing through.

This video I shot captures one morning I was there. Several faces are longer with us: Ken Anderson and his red car; Tip Dain, one of the Fearsome Foursome golf quartet Jim Guinan played with, and Jimmy Delaney whose two Bud Lights at lunch routine was more dependable than the Metro-North trains.

You'll see what the Hudson River looks like coming awake, and how the commuters helped John Guinan carry papers inside at 5 a.m. You'll see John bust my chops in front of Murray Prescott, a long and loyal Guinan friend who has helped open the store for many years.

These were the best days I've known.

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