The Communion of Saints

By johnmac

It’s Irish Night at Guinan’s
first Thursday after the full moon
and the place is packed.

And there is a harp
And a badram
And a few accordions
And a whistle
And a few guitars
And a few fiddles
And some singers
And a lot of beer

There are some writers
And plumbers
And a Governor
(with a State Police Guard)
And restaurateurs
And real estate agents
And professors
And whoever else walks in.

And there is much talk and gaiety
until there is a hush when
Jim is ready to sing
“I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen”
And we all listen

Kelly’s behind the bar
Jim’s in the kitchen
And we all take turns
putting the money on
the deli register,

Trust abounds, laughter is king,
joy reigns, and we are friends
with people we don’t even know.

And then it ends
And we all go home
We are a funny people.

Copyright 2006 John F. McMullen


Tom Briggs said…
The Communion of Saints that is so true!

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