Uncle Wade Plays Garrison Docks Saturday

Garrison's own "Uncle Wade" (rustic blues roots band) will play at the Garrison Yacht Club docks this Saturday (7/12) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The music is open to the public and the charge is a very reasonable $10 a head.

Bring a picnic dinner if you like. Organizers (led by Neil C. Bloch) will also have two grills going if you want to cook while you're down there. Attendees will receive a coupon redeemable at Riverview restaurant in Cold Spring.

Band members include: Jerry Krenach (record producer, session drummer, arranger) on guitar, percussion, vocals. Art Labriola (Grammy-winning composer, keyboardist) on dobro, pedal steel, accordion. Andy Revkin (prize-winning NYTimes reporter by day) on fiddle, guitar, mandolin. Peter Rundquist (Clio winning composer) on banjo, guitar, harmonica, and vocals.

The very cool video above of Uncle Wade playing was shot in June on board the Clearwater ship on the Hudson River.


Anonymous said…
These guys are fabulous!

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