Helping Find Lost Local Pets

This New York Post story today is amazing. It's about a dog returned to his owners 5 years -- yes FIVE years -- after getting lost. All because of a microchip.

I was on the fence about this technology. But not long ago, I was driving down 9-D and saw a dog limping in the middle of the road near the field below Castle Rock. Cars were weaving dangerously around the pup, so my girlfriend Lisa and I got out and coaxed the pup to the side of the road.

He looked dehydrated, had a cut on his paw and no tags on his collar. So we took him to our vet. The vet, after making sure the dog had no internal injuries, scanned the back of his neck for a microchip. Sure enough, there was one.

They dialed in and located a shelter where the dog was registered. The shelter gave us the name of the new owner: Chip Marks, my friend and the protector of Osborn Castle. Chip and his dog, who'd wandered off playing, were soon reunited.

Yesterday, because of this, my dog Dolly got chipped.

If anyone is ever missing a pet in this area, feel free to email me, and I'll post your pet's picture on this blog and your contact info.


anitaprentice said…
Chip's dogs showed up in my kitchen - I was happy to see them but it ocured to me that a simple dogtag with Chip's phone number would be nice!

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