The Great Hudson River Paddle

The eighth annual Great Hudson River Paddle (GHRP), a 144-mile kayaking and camping trip from Albany to Manhattan just finished up last weekend. You can read about it here and start thinking about next year.

The paddle group passes right under our noses in Cold Spring/Garrison and keeps going all the way to the city.

The event is held to celebrate the Hudson River Greenway Water Trail, the improvement of public access to the Hudson River, and the diversity and heritage of the riverside communities of the Hudson River Valley.

There's a good blog at about the event.


Don Yackel said…
Hi Gwendolyn,

I was surprised and pleased to find a link to my website ( on your site. Imagine my disappointment when I clicked on the link and it went nowhere! I hope you will fix it. Look for a link to your site on my blog soon.

Don Yackel
Hi Don -- the link address must have changed in archiving. I found a new one and it seems to work fine now. Thanks for your note. Wendy

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