Tribute to the Man Who Named the "Chapel"

Of all the nights I spent at Guinan's, the one that burns most clearly is still, perhaps, the first. It was the night I first met many of the parishioners -- including Jim Donnery, the man whose fierce love for the green-walled pub he fondly dubbed "The Chapel" inspired the title of the book. Anyone who knows Jim, knows loyalty is core to who he is: loyal to Guinan's, loyal to his family - including his mother Dorothy who he brought to Guinan's regularly - and to all his friends at the chapel.

He is also loyal to another family-run joint in Vermont - the Inn at Manchester - where he and his wife Gail have spent many weekends and befriended the owners Julie and Frank Hanes. And when Jim was diagnosed last year with prostate cancer, Frank decided to return that loyalty.

Frank is cycling solo across the United States starting June 1 in honor of Jim. He'll dip his bike's back wheel in the Pacific Ocean in Anacortes, Wash. and 4,500 miles and approximately two months later, he'll be in South Portland, Maine. He aims to raise $45,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and is seeking sponsorships of $10,000 for his expenses. (Read more about Frank's journey on his blog.)

As John Guinan himself proved on a bike, a strong mind and purpose can help you accomplish what seems impossible. Frank is aiming to do that.

If you'd like to support Frank and Jim, you can donate online securely here and join Frank's community on Facebook. Meantime, send your good thoughts to Jim as he undergoes treatment - he's a fighter.


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