N.J. Students Pen Poems About Guinan's: Poem #1

Last October, an email popped into my inbox from James J. Ferris High School English teacher, Michael Ferrara in N.J. At the beginning of the school year, he'd read his honors class a chapter of Little Chapel on the River. (How cool is that?) The class decided to study the rest of the book and so HarperCollins donated copies to Michael's class. (Thank you HC).

The class finished up in February and Michael sent me a collection of poems the students wrote. And they rock. For privacy reasons, students initials are used. They are a mix of freshmen and sophomores, ranging in age from 14 to 16.

Poem #1:

Within Movement by GB

(from the perspective of the bar itself)

I stand in the same spot

(But) I always feel like I am moving within myself

The sense of peace, love, and joy

Explains what I stand for

Stand for the silent movement

But still be known as a presence

I am one with them

And although we speak no words

The greeting is natural


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Wendy, I met a Michael Ferrera from Newburgh at Guinan's on one of the final nights. He had never been there before. Is this Michael any relation? Jim Donnery
Not sure Jim - let me find out. Could be.
Anonymous said…
Wendy, my spelling was wrong. The man I met (from Newburgh)was also named Michael Ferrara. I am truly enjoying the poems. Jim Donnery

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