Ferris High School "Guinan's Poem" #6

These poems were written by students at Ferris High School after reading Little Chapel on the River for their honors English class. More on the class here.

“The Bar” by TC

Individuals go to Guinan’s for closure and to spend their leisure time in such a preferred place

A Peaceful area that resides next to the Hudson River

It appears to be like a chapel on the river to some folks

Captivated by the bar’s charisma, a gathering of families and friends get personal with their internal feelings

It appears to be such a relaxing place where you can actually find the character that resides within you

As son as you step into Guinan’s, you’ll eventually have a different state of mind

You actually get to meet people that are very sociable and generous

Well slowly but surely it becomes a regular thing to attend Guinan’s

The odd place where comfort can sometimes be found


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