Memories of High Holy Day 2006

This nice photo comes from Jim Donnery. Pictured: John Guinan and Mike R. Mihalik on St. Patrick's Day, 2006.


Unknown said…
Happy Tuesday,

I hope all is well. I am writting not to leave a post but rather to question and fill in the spaces of family history. I read "Little Chapel On The River" and although the story was of a different nature, for me it was a walk through my past (maybe not so different). The timing of my reading is spectacular since my niece and I have been searching and exploring the roots/geneology of our family, not with intesity, but rather with curiosity. I was born and lived in Garrison and vicinity for 35 years, and visit sad to say too infrequently. In the final chapter/epilogue I believe, you mentioned Nazareth, North Redoubt. Were you refering to the large house at the base of the mountain referred to as the North Redoubt? My mother had sent me an article from the Putnam County News about a year or two ago, listing the house for sale. Along with the article sent, she wrote about the rooms in the house where she and my grandparents each stayed. Are you the one that bought the house that my Great Grandfather built? If so the next time I am in Garrison I may need to talk to Chirico about the comment "the guy who built this house didn't know what he was doing(alittle humor).

It was certainly sad to hear of Mr. Guinans passing, but more so was the news that never got to me of Johns passing. I remember vivdly the day we had my fathers funeral service at St. Phillips and felt a pat on my shoulder to see John standing there, giving condolensce to my mother and I, and telling us that his father would have been there if he could. The conversation was brief, but heartfelt and memorable.

Yes an era has passed, but in its place a new one begins.
Neat to hear from you. I'm happy to say that your Great Grandfather's house is NOT the one Roger was referring to. I bought a much smaller house off 9-D. I hope you get back this way to trace more of your roots... maybe even attend a church service at St. Philips. The Rev. Frank Geer gives a terrific sermon really tailored to modern day life.

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