Suggestion and Offer of Donation for "Guinan's Memorial Marker"

Tom Brennan of Garrison wrote this week to say he and his wife Ann had been hiking in Bear Mountain Park this fall when they stopped on Garrison's Landing to see the now-gutted Guinan's.

Says Tom: "I tried to visualize the bar in the back and where Mr. Guinan sat in his chair in the living room. The thought came to me that I was in a cemetery. But then I also thought that at least in cemeteries they have grave markers and memorials."

Tom suggests a memorial of some sort to be placed near the walkway to the store near the train station ramp and has offered to make a contribution toward that. The Garrison Station Plaza, which owns the building that was Guinan's, has said it plans to put a plaque there commemorating the store.

Here's Tom's idea for a memorial:

Guinan’s Store

1959 – 2008

Also Known As

The Little Chapel on the River


On the Rising of the Moon

Strangers who gathered

Were only friends

Who never met.


Anonymous said…
I would be glad to contribute to a Guinan's Marker on that spot. I also think that that piece of riverfront property should be forever memorialized as "Guinan's Point". I spent many wonderful hours in that sacred place with the wonderful folks who lived and worked there, and the ones who once frequented it. I miss you all.

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