Two Members of Team Guinan Ride On

Please join me in supporting Kelly Guinan Preusser and her husband Ed Preusser as they make their way on bicycles from Boston to New York on Sept. 16-18 as part of "Braking the Cycle" in honor of Kelly's late father, John Guinan.

Any $$ amount will help them raise their ambitious goal. Time is running short! Here is the link to donate.

Many of you have supported this endeavor in the past by donating to me, or to other members of Team Guinan. I cannot ride this year, but hope that everyone who can give, will put their support toward Ed & Kelly's goal. This ride was extremely important to John and to his wife Mary Jane.

Thanks to all who have and continue to honor John with their generous gifts.


Becka said…
Hi Wendy, Garrison friends and Guinan lovers!

I visit this page occasionally just to see what I'm missing. It's good to see the people that I feel like I almost know personally through the pages of The Little Chapel carrying on and doing good for the community and each other.

I still cherish my memories of my first visit to Guinan's with Hank and bellying up to the bar while John popped the top off our Coronas and standing with his arms spread eagle, propped himself on the bar. I'd never been to a bar that only had four stools! On another visit, I treasure sitting in the kitchen chatting with Big Jim while he counted and rolled his change for the bank.

Remember, the hullabaloo of him signing my book and pictures and after months of it's disappearance, it turned up under the counter?

It seems nothing in this world is forever. People change, places change and life itself changes. Learning to go with the flow sometimes make you feel like a salmon.

Please keep this going, Wendy. We stinky fish sometimes like to look back.
Love always,
Bessemer, Alabama

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