Welcome Home Team Guinan!!!

Welcome Home Team Guinan! ... Here are photos of this year's two fearless riders: Ed Preusser and Christine Ashburn. They braved cold and rain and what was universally agreed to be the HARDEST hill in the history of Braking the Cycle.

With them on the ride was Team Guinan Captain, Kelly Guinan Preusser, who couldn't saddle up this year because she and Ed are expecting a Baby Preusser in coming months. Her mom Mary Jane Guinan was there helping and cheering as well.

In total, all the riders raised more than $273,000. Really fantastic in a tough economy so THANK YOU to all who generously donated. It means more than ever this year. You are champs! And John Guinan would have been so proud.

Photos by Kelly Guinan Preusser. All rights reserved. If you are on Facebook and friends with Kelly, you can see more of her photographs from the ride here.


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