Jim Guinan & The Single Rose

Christine Guinan D'Onofrio, Jim's youngest daughter, recently shared these two compelling photos she took.

The first she shot last year when her father had returned to the Hudson Highlands for his son John's funeral. While there, Jim went down to #7 Garrison's Landing to see his old home again. The image speaks for itself.

The second is a single flower that Christine found blooming unexpectedly on an old family rose bush at her home in Florida after she arrived there from her father's funeral in April of this year. There had not been blooms on the bush for a couple of years. Christine says she took this single flower as a sign from her Mom, Peg, that Jim had arrived to his wife safe and sound in heaven.


Becka said…
We never had doubts about that, did we?

My, my.... life! And, it goes on.

Thanks for sharing, Christine.

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