New Cafe (& Martini Bar?) Coming at Old Garrison Market Site

Updated: Tonight I ran into Michael at Angelina's. He's leaving that business in the hands of his partner to run this new project at the old Garrison Market full-time. The atmosphere was a little sad in the restaurant, but Michael was upbeat about his new project and the food was outstanding at Angelina's, so maybe Philipstown will have the best of both worlds.

Michael says he plans to unroll his vision for the new business in two stages. The first will be a market and cafe until 7 p.m. He says he is aiming to have tables, wireless access and serve wine and beer. But it won't be a full-fledged restaurant. He's planning to build a deck, and is debating whether to open at 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. Says he's a nighttime guy and the new routine will take some adjusting to for him. He'll be testing different brands of coffee next Mon. and Tues. in the store and wants folks to stop in.

His Stage 2 involves taking the apartment area next door and converting it into a late-night Martini Bar. Yes, a Martini Bar in Garrison. Maybe music, maybe open from 8 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Sounds like he's still feeling his way and figuring things out.

Whether or not he opens on April 6th, as the sign currently posted says, remains to be seen.


Word is that Michael Pizzolongo from Angelina's in Cold Spring (next to Foodtown), just closed a deal take over the spot of the old Garrison Market next to the Garrison Post Office. People familiar with his plans say he'll operate a restaurant and invest in renovations, including adding a deck on the south side of the building.

I haven't seen it yet, but hear there's a sign on the door that reportedly says: Opening April 6th, 5am-7pm M-F, Sat & Sun 7am-7pm.

More details soon...


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