Deadline for Guinan's Space Passes; Snippets from Proposal for "Lou-Lou's Café"

The deadline has passed for proposals to start a new store/public venue at the old Guinan's spot.

Many of you around the country who read Little Chapel have emailed asking about the status of Mary Ellen Yannitelli's bid to reopen a cafe in this historic space. Thanks for your continued interest. She says she has turned in her business plan and is hopeful the board of directors of Garrison Station Plaza will be receptive. (She's calling it Lou-Lou's Café after the chapel's most loyal 4-legged parishioner, pictured above.)

Here are a few snippets:

"...My café is in keeping with the Garrison’s Landing Association’s founder’s original mission of '…making Garrison a better place to live.' The cafe increases our community’s self-reliance, local empowerment and a continuation of the Landing’s original use as Garrison’s traditional commercial district, therefore the most visible indicator of our community pride, along with its economic and social health.

It will serve the residents and tourists to our town and is a viable business that will add to the vitality of the area and encourage visitors to come, linger and enjoy simple pleasures in a setting that is as beautiful now as when it was established so long ago.

It meets the already existing need and established market on the Landing. In accepting my proposal, the GSP Board would demonstrate forward-thinking economic development in a historic preservation context so this community asset and legacy can be passed on to future generations.

Lou-Lou’s Café is one of only two riverfront eateries in all of Philipstown. Over a thousand people have already demonstrated their support of my business; by accepting it the GSP Board will achieve improved public image and goodwill. I am the only one who can offer 24/7 eyes on the street, because I also live on the Landing."


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